About Mitsubishi Chemical Corp

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation is committed to the creation of unique, high-quality products and services that contribute to the good of society as a whole. This management philosophy is encapsulated in the watchword “Best Quality for a Better Life” .

Mitsubishi began life in 1933 as a manufacturer of rayon staple. Over the decades, the Company has accumulated valuable know-how in the manufacture of synthetic fibers and resins. Mitsubishi Chemical Cleansui Corporation leveraged on the resultant expertise in polymer technology to move into hollow-fiber membranes, and branched into aqua-sustainability products.

Corporate Profile


Founded: April 1983

Field of Business: Wholesale/retail, manufacturing

Product Lineup: Cleansui water purifiers (pitcher type, under-the-sink type, faucet mounted type, counter top type, on the wall type, commercial type), hollow fiber membrane modules, alkaline water ionizers, water softeners, artifical carbonated water generators, medical equipment; installation work

Principal Supplier: Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Principal Sales Outlets: Home electric appliance/camera mass-market stores, general mass-market stores, supermarkets, do-it-yourself stores, custom kitchen manufacturers, faucet manufacturers; real estate development-related companies, equipment manufacturers, various medical organizations, water purifier/alkaline ionizer manufacturers