About Cleansui

For the past 29 years, CLEANSUI water filters have been used in more homes and businesses in Japan than any other brand of water filter. And now that same technology is available in Australia and New Zealand!

The Cleansui product range includes a product for every need, from under sink systems to portable jugs and on-tap units. Many of the market-leading water filtration brands only offer an activated carbon filtration process, removing larger particles but leaving behind a range of dangerous microscopic contaminants such as bacteria, algae, fungi and rust in your drinking water. Cleansui's filtration process incorporates a proprietary hollow fibre membrane filter which effectively removes all of these microscopic particles. Its unique hollow-fibre membrane technology ensures that contaminants, including bacteria, are removed while allowing beneficial minerals to remain in the water.

Rather than buying lots of bottles of mineral water, people are increasing looking to use filtered tap water as their main source of drinking water. Not only does it provide health benefits, it also saves money and is kinder to the environment.

CLEANSUI. Clean water every time.

Cleansui equals clean water