Cartridge Replacement Guide

How often should I replace my cartridge?

The frequency with which you will have to replace your filtration cartridges will depend on a number of factors, including the Cleansui product/filter you are using; your average daily water consumption and the quality of the water that is being filtered.

Our full range of Water Purifying Jugs have a 200 litre filtration performance. In addition, each of the Jugs has a handy cartridge replacement notification function which will conveniently remind you when to change your filter.

Our range of On Tap Water Purifiers have up to 900 litre filtration performance. The CSP601E also includes an LCD panel with numeric countdown of cartridge life with litres left indicator.

The Below Bench range has a filtration performance of up to 40,000 litres (minimum 8,000 litres).

Important to note is that you should not run water with a temperature of 35 degrees Celcius or higher through any of the cartridges as this will dramatically reduce the cartridge life.


Model Number Cartridge Number Average Replacement Period Average Usage /day Optimum Filtration Performance
CP002E CPC5E 2-3 months 2 litres /day 200 litres


CPC7E 2-3 months 2 litres /day 200 litres
CP007E CPC7E 2-3 months 2 litres /day 200 litres
CP015E CPC5E 2-3 months 2 litres /day 200 litres
CB013E CBC03E 3-4 months 10 litres /day 900 litres
CSP601E HGC9SE 3-4 months 10 litres /day 900 litres
A501ZCBE UZC2000E 12-13 months 20 litres /day 8,000 litres


Please use the above chart as a general guide only, as your water consumption per day might differ from the assumed usage above.

There are other telltale signs that it might be time to change your cartridge:

i. When your water flow rate slows or water flow is erratic, it is time to change.

ii. The check window on the CSP601E also shows visible stains as the filter is used, with the window appearing white at first. It is time to change the cartridge when the check window shows visible stains– in shades ranging from beige to black – due to the volume/type of substances trapped by the filter.